Services for Students

International students interested in furthering their education in the U.S. may need either a Diploma and/or a Course by Course evaluation for university or college admissions. Diplomadesk carefully assesses your degree, diploma, transcripts, course credits and grades to give you the most accurate and reliable assessment of your academic credentials. We request that clients submit clear and legible copies of all Diplomas, Transcripts and/or Certificates.

Diploma Evaluation
Diploma Evaluation Reports give the U.S. equivalent degree, or years of study, for education obtained outside the U.S. The report does not include an assessment of individual courses taken or GPA equivalence. We offer evaluation services for a variety of degrees.

Course by Course Evaluation
Course by Course Evaluation Reports are usually given after a Diploma Evaluation. Course by Course includes the U.S. equivalent credit and grade of each completed course taken by the student. The report is necessary for admission to degree programs and is also used for professional licensing purposes. We offer evaluation services for a variety of degrees as well as incomplete education.


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